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He was a lonely guy, 
lonelier than me
for you know, I cheated.

Every time I was alone, 
I’d have some her, 
coming home soon.

I was hermit, but with a body near me
he truly widowed, unaided and detached,
kept faithfully true, without regret,
from the moment he was born, he was set.

So one day
he carried on
the seeds
of the world,
searching for
warmth in the cold.

He thought love was a hassle,
had gotten the wrong examples
from all of his friends, and all his parents.
Although he wasn’t saddened
he wasn’t excited
he was comfortable in his blanket of desire.

So he was suspicious
when his eyes caught her’s
catching on the fire set to be.
They took their time, 
as you do to
get to know the other, properly.

Long where the days
that went on
feeling her close
a million parts
of a distance
gone away
for too long
before they became to be one.

Together they
they could be
even better
spending their days
with each other
over time
better alone together.

Now there’s always laughter
and support or silence
as needed, in the house.

Each with their room
not to take away the gloom
but to keep it at bay.

I’m finally a hermit with no souls near me,
an individual isolated, solitary and desolate.
I need this time for the idea to take hold
it takes time to find companions to grow old.

So I will go
to the place
where the days
left to breathe
are still some
with someone
worth spending
dusk to dawn.

I know that
I will reach
in my time
that place,
don’t you worry,
still on my way
I am just wandering on.

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Day three, 27 October

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